• Bamboo Fly Rods

    Bamboo Fly Rods, built by Brasstown Creek, are made for fishing; but at the same time provide you with at fly rod you can be proud to own and be seen with. Our US made bamboo fly rods are planed using the Morgan Hand Mill for high precision and are finished using top quality components described in detail on our Rod Page.

  • Outstanding Quality

    We can finish rods to your specifications, but our goal is to provide completed rods that our customers can buy without a lengthy wait time. We are confident you will find that the quality of our Bamboo Fly Rods coupled with our affordable price to be an excellent value.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Brasstown Creek has been building bamboo fly rods for more than eight years. We offer a generous satisfaction guarantee (please see our Warranty page) so you can feel completely comfortable buying from us.